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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains or sewers are a serious problem that require an experienced and professional plumber. A damaged, broken or blocked sewerage system is a health and safety issue for your family, neighbours and the environment and needs to be attended to immediately.

Blocked drains can be caused by a variety of reasons including foreign objects, tree roots, collapsed pipes, grease and fat or inadequate or undersized pipework. At A-List Plumbing we strive to not only unblock your drain but also assess what has caused the blockage and how it can be prevented or rectified.

The equipment we use to clear blocked drains and waste pipes is of the highest standard and well maintained. Our electric eel has a number of cutting and retrieval heads specific for a range of different blockages. We also have a high-pressure jet rodder with a range of nozzles to suit different applications. Our technicians are proficient in the use of both and will assess your property and type of blockage to determine which piece of equipment will suit best.

If your drain blocks up on a regular basis, there might be more complex issues that need to be investigated further. Our drain camera used in conjunction with our pipe locator are the perfect tools to give us a clear view of the state of your drain including the line and depth that it has been laid. From this, we can provide you with a report and DVD footage outlining any recommendations and repairs that need to be made.

With all these tools at our disposal, you can see A-List Plumbing is well equipped to locate and rectify your drainage problems. Don’t leave it too late, call A-List Plumbing today.


Brisbane & Surrounding Areas 

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