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Grey Water Installation

A greywater system in your home is a great way to reduce your water bill while also conserving our precious resource. Greywater is wastewater from a range of sources including your bath, bathroom basin, laundry and shower. It doesn't include blackwater such as wastewater from toilets.


The average Australian household can re-use around 1500 litres of greywater each week. Depending on the type of greywater system you are after, some systems also involve storing the water and treating it to remove impurities.


If you have a green thumb but don’t want to spend a fortune on water, greywater is definitely an option you should be considering. Treated greywater can also be used in your home for toilets or the laundry, which are two of the biggest water consumers within your home.

A-List Plumbing is qualified and experienced to install a greywater system in your home. Call them today to find out how you could be disposing of your water waste sustainably and reduce the amount of water that you’re using.


Brisbane & Surrounding Areas 

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